Why Does My Air Fryer Keep Turning Off [How to Fix Air Fryer]

You start air fryer to make crispy goodness, suddenly it stop automatic. This is common problem among many air fryer users. In this article we solve the problem with Air Fryer Keep Turning Off.

Hello! Air fryer one of the modern technology among kitchen appliances. You can make delicious restaurant food at home. And it also healthy and good teats. Among of the electrical appliances, there will be face some common technical issue.

Many air fryer user asked that why does my air fryer keep turning off. If your air fryer keeps turning off, first check your power connection (some time need to change breaker). Second, make sure that there is no technical issue with your air fryer. And the last thinks you can do, sent off the air fryer or replace the machine fully.

It is a common issue with air fryer that your start the air fryer soon it auto turn off. Today this article we try to find the solution through details a few things. And try to you do not face like this problem again.

Check the Power Connection and Breaker

Check the Power Connection and Breaker

Many cases happened, machine auto due to simple fault in connection. So, your first duty to check your connection. Are there any problem?


Check the cable, if the cable damage or frayed for any reason. This problem create a bad connection between your machine and power supplier. And make sure that your cord inserted correctly in the power supply plugin. It is easy for you, just plug in your cord and make sure it not become loose. If there feel any loose, then solve the issue immediately.

Sometime power cord and connection both are not in good connection. Then you need to check your breaker of the particular plugin. You may need to reset or repair the circuit breaker. You need to ensure that the problem with the barker. Connection with few other appliance and if you notice they are also same result, then the problem with breaker.

No Fault with Your Components

air fryer components

Another reason for what air fryer is not working, air fryer parts damage. Make sure that all individual parts of air fryer are not damaged. Check all the parts, accessories and equipment. It will happened when your move your air fryer multiple times.

Outdoor use can become air fryer loose. Fault with door also affect the performance of the air fryer. Air fryer basket or door don’t close perfectly for many time use, which prevent the machine from proper working.

Customer Service or Repair Machine

air fryer customer services

Sometime you can fix air fryer by yourself. You check so many things and can’t solve the problem by yourself, then you need it by a professional technician. If you found the root problem but don’t have proper knowledge to fix it yourself. Try to contact for warranty, company and sent it for replacement.

kitchen appliances repair

If the air fryer under warranty anymore, you can also sent the customer care for repair. But before send, make some research and send it to a reliable repair company.

Another thing you need to consider when research, repairing charge of your air fryer. It may be worth buying a whole new machine if the repair costing over $100. Under 100 dollar you can buy best air fryer in this price range.

If you looking best air fryer under $100, then you can check our review article on this website. In this price range you can choose different models of air fryer, they also have good feature.

Follow the instruction Manual

air fryer user manual

Air fryer problem can stem from the misuse of a machine. It is not easy for beginner user. They don’t use properly as manufacture instructors. As a result they face different problems. Also air fryer auto shut off problem. The product manual is a complete guideline for proper air fryer use. If use air fryer as the manufacture guided, then your air fryer will run in long time.

The manual also provide list of extensive list of how to properly operate the device. Which prevent from damage the product. Even you will get solution, which you face at the moment.

Taking proper care for prevent further operating problem

Cleaning air fryer appliances

Best way to prevent further air fryer technical problem is to proper taking care of your air fryer. Most of the cases air fryer fault due to proper taking care.

How to clean an air fryer?

If you use much oil, in future your device face some technical problems. You can prevent this problems by proper taking care your machine. We list a easy five steps how to properly care your air fryer. I thing this steps are easier for beginner or any other air fryer user.

Let’s cleaning your air fryer follow our steps!

  1. Unplug the air fryer and let it cool: Don’t clean air fryer when device is connect with power and in hot. Let it cool for some time and disconnect from the power supply.
  2. Clean outside wall with a hot and wet clean cloth: You can use vinegar spray on wash cloth to remove garbage from the outside.
  3. Remove all removable parts and clean inside components: Remove all removable parts and proper clean with hand wash. Some air fryer components are dishwasher clean support. So, ensure that your air fryer components are dishwasher safe.
  4. Clean the heating area with brush: The non-removable heating component can’t remove. So clean the basket above heating area with brush.
  5. Make sure all the components are completely dry before use: After clean all the parts, will dry and not ready for use. So, make sure all the components (pan, basket and try) are dry.

If you follow the steps properly, your air fryer lasting for long time. And you will face fewer mechanical problems in future.

Taking care before use air fryer

Taking care before use air fryer

First, cleaning machine regularly and always proper maintenance to prevent further technical issue and ensure a long life. Before use air fryer, make sure that all of the components (Cord, basket, tray and pan) are clean and not damaged.

Secondly, make sure that the device is on the surface and is at least four inches from the wall. Another things should be sure that when you don’t use air fryer, there is no food in the basket.

Last, our last tips but not least, make sure air fryer completely dry when use. Wet may be damage the machine.

One another tip to remember is when you see smoke coming from the air fryer, add a tablespoon of water or make sure to use less oil.

Final Thought

air fryer tips final thoughts

If the air fryer turning off, you need to follow some things. First, check the power cord connection. Make sure it is securely plugged in and no damage in the cord. Secondly, you can reset the breaker if you think problem with the plugin.

After follow all the steps and nothing visible is wrong, then call air fryer manufacture if your air fryer still under warranty. If you don’t have warranty, send it to a reliable company or purchase a new air fryer.

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