What Should You Do When Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

In 2010, Philips first introduce a countertop conversion oven to the market. Then it’s going to popular for healthy food making. Before introduce air fryer, people won’t think deep fry without oil. Like convection oven, air fryer works on the circulation of heated air to cook.

This appliance I have come to use frequently since two or three years back. When I am using for long time, I faced different problems. Do you know what happened when regularly use an air fryer for ling time. You also may face some problems. Air fryer won’t turn on is another problem. In this article we will find out the question of what should you do when air fryer won’t turn on.

If your air fryer won’t turn on, make sure your device plugged into power properly, timer set properly and placed the basket properly.

It is hard to say that what problem happened with your air fryer, because there are so many models are in the market. Without proper troubleshooting, you can properly identify the problem. But there are some common issue with your air fryer, that won’t run. If your air fryer won’t run after follow this ways, you may need to replace it or fixed by a certified technician.

Let’s find the common problems with your air fryer.

Air Fryer Is Plugged In Properly


Every electric device fist duty is to check your connection. Most of the cases device not working for bad or loose connection. It may damage your device in future. So, regularly check your connection that work properly.

If your machine properly connected to a wall socket and not power up, then unplugging the device for some minutes and reinsert it into the socket. Properly check the socket and connect the device. When reinserted, the machine shows single of being connected. Still not single show, then continue follow the steps.

It is the best to check that your socket working properly, as it should connect another device. If that device is powered by the same socket, then you ensure that the air fryer has problem, not the socket itself.

Another way to check your air fryer good, connect it with a good docket that working with another device.

Make Sure Air Fryer’s Basket Placed Properly

Air Fryer’s Basket

Many air fryer models has a problem with properly placed the basket. When we search best air fryer, amazon consumer claim that there air fryer don’t close the basket properly. So, it become the common issue with many air fryers.

Sometime air fryer beginner users, don’t close the basket properly. As a result your device don’t start. If your air fryer connect properly, but not starting. Then check the basket. Do it close properly? Make sure air fryer basket close or placed properly.

Make Sure Air Fryer Cable Working Properly

air fryer cables

Air fryer cable problem also a common issue. Many air fryer don’t working for its cable damage. Cable would scratched, bent, twisted, squashed and moved around all the time. This can damage your cable which could potentially incapable of supply power.

Look properly at the cable’s, is there any cuts or damage? If the cable is damaged and faulty, it may prevent to prevent to provide the power supply properly. Then you need to replace to the cable and make sure the air fryer cable power supply properly. Most air fryer manufacture company don’t have a serviceable connection for the cable. You can replace by yourself or a technician.

Check The Cable’s Fuse

cable fuse

In some cases where both cable and cable’s head are in a good condition, but there still one more thing to do with your cable checking the cable’s fuse. If the fuse has blown, it need to replace with new one.

It is depend on your cable use. It may or may not have a fuse. Not all the plugs are created equally and they are different in design and build-in.

In UK many plugs have built-in fuse that can changed easily. But other countries may not change easily. If your plug looks like to have a fuse and that may change easily.

uk plug

If your plug look not change, it will not have any fuse change feature.

plug without fuse

First, open the plug, then you will see a fuse inside the plug. Simply replace the fuse and connect the plug again. In that case your air fryer up or running again. If you don’t do with yourself, then call a technician.

Contact the Manufacture to Replaced or Fixed

contact us

If you try everything to solve the problem, but can find out or solve. Then you should contact the manufacture or the store where your buy from. I personally recommended you to opening up the air fryer at home, if you have less expertise than the task demand.

You may void the warranty by opening the air fryer on you own. If you have warranty, then my suggestion to fix the air fryer from the manufacture.

Why My Air Fryer Keep Shutting off?

air fryer shutting off

Many air fryer use claim that, their device run for 2-3 minutes after it start. Then it won’t start. When restarting air fryer, it runs for additional 2-3 minutes before shuts it again.

After lot of research and from own experience, I am able to come up some reasons that why an air fryer may shut down after some time use.

Air fryer may shut down and turn on for several minutes without starting a program.

Your air fryer have an auto shut off feature for prevent the air fryer overheating. If your air fryer too hot, the auto shut off feature turn on and the device auto shut off to let it cool.

Your air fryer may auto shut of due to the door is loose and it won’t shut properly.

Your air fryer shut off because you have recently replace the basket. In this case make sure basket placed properly.

The reason may vary on the model you have. I recommended you to check the user manual properly and try to find out the problem with your air fryer. You may find the solution from the air fryer user manual.

Thank you for reading. What kind of problem you face and how to solve it. Please share with us in the comment section.

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