What Air Fryers Are Made In America? (Not Made in Chine)

Hello! Air fryer lover. Many people ask me, what air fryers are made in America? There have a lot of air fryer brands available in the market. But which air fryers are made in USA? When you live any country, you may like to supporting your local workforce. That why American like their own country made product. In this point of view, today we list the air fryers which made in America.

In the market, there are many air fryers brands available. So, where we find out the USA air fryer. When we research, we search on Google. You know, Google know everything’s. Lets research on Google.

Google: USA made air fryer

When we search Google for USA made air fryer. But show some GoWise USA air fryer in ‘Amazon’ product list. But Are they made in USA? Find this question answer later.

google video search

Google search result show Amazon and other videos. Can we trust Google without verify. Let’s justify the product that Google say they are made in USA.

google product display

Do Some Research

Look the Google search page, the first pr9oduct display is GoWise USA air fryer. In the product name manufacture use USA name. So they made in USA. But are they made in America? Lets find this answer.

gowise air fryer

So, lets their website. It will be the best reliable source of information. In their website say, their products are designed in the US and manufactured in China. So, it is not made in USA. Even many consumer say GoWise not made in USA. They just use USA name.

The second air fryer brand recommended is “Philips Premium Digital Airfryer with Fat Removal Technology”. Is it from USA made. Lets Philips brand origin country. Google say it’s origin country is Netherlands. And their product quality also good.

philips orgin country

When we visit recommended website “Philips Premium Digital Airfryer with Fat Removal Technology” product they said that it is made of Chine.

phipips air fryer made in china
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The third brand says “Gourmia 7-qt. Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer”. In their website they have a USA warehouse. But where are they manufacture, not disclose. In Amazon FAQ section say that its made in China.

gourmia air fryer
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So all the products recommended by google are not USA made. Moving other air fryer famous brands are: Instant Pot, Ninja, Innsky and Yedi. All of the brands are not made in USA. So, there are no USA made air fryer available.

Are there any Air Fryers Made in America?

All air fryer brands available we found, none of them were made in America. All brand official website and YouTube video made only on China made air fryer. So, it can say that most air fryer are made in China.

We also search air fryer in the Amazon, to find any USA made air fryer. But couldn’t find other than China.

Why Aren’t Air Fryers Made in America?

It is true that most commonly appliances aren’t made other than China. Especially said to the small appliances. You can find USA made premium coffee maker. But air fryers are not made America. No one will buy premium high price air fryer anytime. That why USA not manufacturing Air Fryer. And don’t have any hope for the America made air fryer in future.

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Do you like to see American made air fryer? Will you pay a premium cost for this air fryer? Lets know in the comment section.  

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