Wanbasion kitchen knife set in black Review (Dishwasher safe) 16 pices


Durable is the main reason to choose this knife set. Each knife made with high-quality stainless steel. Knife and accessories are coated with black titanium is resistant to corrosion.

Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Items Include

Wanbasion kitchen knife set in black

Value for money
7″ Damascus Style – Santoku Knife
8″ Damascus Style – Carving Knife
8″ Damascus Style – Chef Knife
3.5″ Damascus Style – Paring Knife
8″ Damascus Style – Bread Knife
5″ Damascus Style – Utility Knife

From Manufacture

Damascus style kitchen knife resistant to scratch. The surface is coated with titanium coated which safe the knife from any damage. Dammacus safe give them more beautiful and food safety for long time.

Material: Durable stainless steel give more flexible and have a good user experience. Provide use more strength and knife handle making it grate choice for professional use.

Better flexible for Damascus style knife set guarantee the quality of Wanbasion knife. It is hard to break and bend.

Long term use, Damascus style knife is excellent in long edge retention. The edge technology enhance the sharpness and long sharp use.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. So cleaning is much easy that other knife. You need to clean it after use it for long term use.

Product View

Wanbasion kitchen knife set in black.Chef Kitchen Knife Set Professional, Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Knife Set with Damascus Style

Overall on Knife Set

A good set knife can be lasting for long time. You may need a knife set when move into new home or replace your appliances. A good knife set can give you better cooking experience. When you comfort with a knife set, then it is hard to change your knife brand. But Wanbasion can be a good partner with your cooking job.

There have different reason you can choose Wanbasion knife chef. Different color is offer by the manufacture. But matte black titanium plate is the best chef knife. It’s look like professional. It is durable and easy to clean.

You may choose wood type and color that match your kitchen color. At last you would like steak knives and which is the best for your cooking job. Company offer a sharper tool to sharp your knife easily. It is really a good feature for you knife use experience.

Of course, the quality of the knife is one of the best consideration for knife buying. Are looking for well brand like Cuisinart and other. But Wanbasion knife set one of the best-selling in Amazon. And have a good consumer review.

Buying Guide for Best Professional Knife Set

People looking different color knife coat. Black on of the best color. The color is used good for the knife. It makes more durable and looking more beautiful. It uses Damascus style color coat. Which give it professional look.

Moreover, on the basis on our job, different sizes of knife we need. It has Santoku Knife 7” for more faster and precious cutting result. Carving Knife 8” use for carving like turkey, ham or roasts. It has 8” Chef Knife for most cooking tasks like chopping and mincing.

A good handle give you more flexible grip to cutting your food. Wanbasion have good grip for better cutting experience. But many people like their handle grip.

Material use
There have different material use in making knife. But stainless steel is good material. It’s titanium coating make it more durable and good use experience. It is durable and use for long time.

Easy to clean
Wanbasion is dishwasher safe. So it is easy to clean. Keep in mind that for long term use, you need to clean it every time after use it. And keep it safe and clean.

Usually a knife loose it’s sharp after many time use. So for better cutting experience you need to good sharper knife feature. Wanbasion offer excellent sharp and long edge retention. So you can easily sharp you knife without any problem.

Are you looking for budget knife? Then wanbasion kitchen knife set in black will be best knife option for you job. It has 6 set knife with grate feature. It is the best knife set under 50.

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