Reviews on magic bullet 2021: Tiny But Powerful

Do you search for the best Bullet blenders on the market? Do you want to know more about magic bullet? Today a complete reviews on magic bullet that you need to know before buy. In 2021 there are many blender models available in the market. But are you confuse which should buy? Then Magic Bullet Blenders will be the best option for you.


Product Features

Magic Bullet Blender

Motor Powers : 250 Watt
Speeds Adjust: 1 default pulse
Capacity: 18 Oz
Cross Blade: Stainless Steel
RPM: 2000
Materials: BPA Free
Warranty: 1 year

The Magic Bullet Blender may be the most popular personal blender in the market. Compact, space saving machine that can easy to use and store. Though it is small, but enough powerful for small jobs. Before buy it, you need to asses to needs in a blender.

What to Look for When Buying a Blender?

Best blender machine chooses depend on your need. There have different point, on the basis you can choose best blender for your job. So, before buying for bullet blenders, you should keep in the mind the following things:

Motor Power option – The more powerful motor, is better for to do blitzing tougher. Even hard ingredients like: Ice, Nuts and Frozen Fruit. More powerful means extra money and noise make. So, if you use it only for soft fruits pineapple, bananas and so on. Then you don’t need a lot of power motor.

Capacity – How much do you want to serve like to make? Obviously, small blender provide small capacity jar or cups. So check how much blends at a time.

Easy to Use – Most of the small blender have pulse setting. Some are work with press the cup down. Others are work with cup down and lock the blending mode. Are you comfortable with this feature?

About The Magic Bullet Blender

This is not a marketing thought. We try to find every things of Magic Bullet blender good and bad sides. Magic Bullet has become most popular blender manufacture in the market.

The Magic Blender isn’t the most powerful blender. If you like smoothies ingredients, you will need a high power motor.

It quite affordable and efficient value for money. It is one the popular personal blenders for many reasons. Quite easy to use, make a simple smoothies blend. Perfect size for you kitchen.

Summary of Magic Bullet Blenders Review

Performance :

In design it archives 7 out of 10. The magic Bullet comes with different cups and lids. But there have no any buttons or speed controller. Set the cup on the base and start blending when you press on the top of the cups.

The Magic Bullet work best with protein powders, smoothies and other non frozen ingredients. It’s smooth blend aren’t work perfect as we normally expect. But it work very fast. The manufacture claims, it can blend 10 second or less.

Design :

In design section it archive 7 out of 10. The design of blender is pretty simple, small size can easy to store in the kitchen. If you looking small and good design blender, the Magic Bullet will the best blenders for you. It’s base use black and silver plastic. And a brand logo print on the front which look good, you see.

The cups are made of  High-Impact Plastic materials. We thought the cups fell thin and cheap compare with other same price range blender. But the construction of both strong lids and flip top. There is no measurement indicator on the cups. So, you need to measure quantity before blend.

Its 18 ounce blender cup able to fit 5 strawberries.

Durability :

The blender feel cheap and sturdy enough. Of course in this price tag, it is hard to provide professional blender experience. But don’t worry, the manufacture offer 1 year warranty. If you look after the blender well and extra hard ingredients aren’t use, we think you will get better result for long time.


It is easy to clean and cups are dishwasher safe. If you want to clean the cups with you hand, it will pretty wash for its narrow and little cup size. A sponge brush with handle can solve this problem.


Nutribullet magic bullet offer an affordable price level. In personal blender category is a value for money price provide. And different accessories include with the product. Grate blade design for better bleeding.

Final Verdict
It’s purchase totally depend on your blending needs. Magic Bullet Blender not better instant your standard countertop blender or food processor, but may be good for its versatile blend. It can single smoothies and provide enough capacity for small batches. Quite easy to use and affordable under $30 price range. But can’t blend ice or frozen ingredients.

How to use a magic bullet?

As before said that it is very easy to use. Just fill the cups with the ingredients and set on the base. Press the cup down in the lock mode, it run into blender option.

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