How Long Does an Air Fryer Last? The Lifespan with Air Fryer

Air fryer is an modern small kitchen appliances countertop conversion oven which design for medium to deep frying with low oil use. Many people ask me how long does an air fryer last? In this article we try to find out this answer?

A brief History of the Air Fryer

Generally the conversion oven have been use widely since 1945. In 2010, Philips introduce the Air fryer brand of conversion oven at a consumer electronic fair in Berlin.

According to Consumer Reports in 2019, the top brand manufacture best quality air fryer in the market. The market size was valued at $894.3 million in 2018 and expected to reach at $1,425.7 million by 2026.

best air fryer under 100

Manufacture Company developing this appliance. It is safe to use and family size model. In price consideration, they offer best product at budget range. You can check best air fryer under 50 or 100 dollar. Every company provide user guide for best device use for long time. Even some are provide recipe book for new born cooker. Overall, it is being a healthy, affordable and small kitchen appliance.

How Long Should An Air Fryer Last?

Generally this appliance last from 6 to 3 years depending on which model you buy. Best quality air fryer last for long time. My personal air fryer last for 2 years 3 months. Before buy an air fryer, you should consider their feature and other things.

My Personal Air Fryer Experience

Now I want to share my personal air fryer experience and how do I care my fryer. I and my wife were in a furniture store for air fryer special offer. We noticed special offer on a funny deep air fryer which design good and we like the machine.

This air fryer was “Telefonik” brand, and it was a Chinese brand. But our second air fryer was from trusted brand of Philips and it fulfill our air fryer needs. Philips air fryer is one of the air fryer which still use. Then I purchase some other brand air fryer for review purpose. It was purchase about 3 years ago. And still working good. Some photo are below:

We and a grill pan more cooking foods. We use it for our family party. Even use outdoor. And it work grate. Still the air fryer looking as good as new. Only some non-stick coating peel on the raised portion of the grill pan.

The most impressive part of the air fryer is the heating feature, still it provide good heating after 3 years use. It just work every time without any problem. We clean and maintain air fryer after every time use. So, we suggest every air fryer user after use.

Our second air fryer has proven that value for money and we both satisfy our needs. We use this appliance about daily.

Easy to clean air fryer follow some steps

We make a steps which help you to air fryer easy to clean and last for long time. Let’s cleaning your air fryer follow our steps!

  1. Disconnect the power cord and let it cool for some time: After use air fryer, it would hot. So disconnect the power connection cord and let for some moment for cool.
  2. Clean the wall: When we cooking air fryer, some food or oil stick with the outside and inside wall. So, take a clean wet cloth and clean the wall. You can also use vinegar spray. Wash all the parts.
  3. Remove the parts and clean inside components: Every air fryer has removable accessories. So, remove it and proper clean with hand wash. Some air fryer are dishwasher safe. If your air fryer components are dishwasher safe, you can easily clean in your dishwasher.
  4. Clean the heating area: Air fryer heating coil is non-removable. So, you need to clean air fryer coil with clean brush. Carefully clean the heating coil. Sometime people damage it.
  5. Completely dry all the accessories before use: After clean all the parts of air fryer, make sure all parts are not wet and get dry.

This steps may help you to proper clean your air fryer. Other things need to maintain for long last your air fryer. Set air fryer in a dry place, not excessive oil use and follow instruction manual.  Are you not want to face any air fryer problem in future? Then you can read our another article on air fryer maintenance.

Why Don’t Some Air Fryer Long Last?

All best air fryer also have some issue. If you comes to the bestselling air fryer on Amazon, they also have some problems with their air fryer. Amazon customer review may help you so much.

That why people search American made air fryer for long lasting. Unfortunately there have no American made air fryer available in the market. All the air fryers are China made. For cheap air fryer, China appliance best for buy.

air fryer components

You can choose best air fryer under $100. These cheaper appliances are not long lasting, because in low price range manufacture can’t best quality product. That why it is growing trend for small to medium size kitchen appliances to be thrown away and replace in a few short years.

What should you do for long life your air fryer?

Choose best quality air fryer

Before buying an air fryer you should research and follow buying guidelines. If you want to buy the best air fryer at your price range, then our buying guide may help you. You can do some research that what problems most of the user are having. If the user too many complain then you can avoid it.


We recommended you more spend and buying the best quality brand of air fryer. Like my second Philips brand appliance is value for money to me. If you think a brand is a quality, you need to do some research.

Taking Care Air Fryer


Every fryer will not last for long time even brand air fryer if you don’t care properly. Properly clean up your air fryer after every time use. Clean all the removable and non-removable parts.

Longevity Be With Your Appliance!

Well, that’s for today. Our article may help you for air fryer long last. It is right, some brand won’t last long. Do some research and choose the best air fryer for your kitchen.

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