Cosori Air Fryer 5.8 qt Max Xl Review – 2022

The Cosori Smart XL air fryer tested about a month, and during using I cook beets, corn on the cob, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes and zucchini, all of which really delicious. I love browns veggies and vegan protein sources like tempeh, chickpeas and tofu with low oil use, even reheat pizza and crisping up the bottom. At cosori black air fryer $104.99 and cosori Wi-Fi black smart air fryer $124.99 on Amazon. In this review, we discuss on cosori air fryer 5.8 qt review without Wi-Fi feature. Let’s go for the details review.

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL (Without Wi-Fi)

Model Name: Air Fryer Max XL(100 Recipes)
Capacity: 5.8 Quarts
Color: Black
Item Weight: 11.9 Pounds
  • Large capacity up to 6 to 8 members
  • Keep warm feature
  • Build-in 11 one-touch preset options
  • Big LED display
  • Easy to use and clean
  • °F to °C convert option
  • Slightly expensive compared to other brand available in the market
  • Some report that burning smell comes out
  • The “shake” reminder is smart, but a little annoying

How to set up your Cosori Air Fryer

Cosori air fryer set up is very easy, but sometime beginner user can’t understand the process. So, lets follow the process:

  1. Plug in the cord
  2. Select prebuild option for cooking or manually select temperature or cooking time (as your recipe need)
  3. Place the food in the basket and set properly in the air fryer
  4. Pull the start button
  5. Flip or shake as your food need.

How to Use Your Cosori Air Fryer First Time

Cosori 5.8 Air Fryer User Manual

The user guide help you to how to use first time. Which include adjustable time and temperature require for different food items. Let’s you setting to use chicken wings, corn, frozen chicken and more.

Cosori 5.8 Air Fryer User Manual

Cosori Big LED Display Air Fryer

Cosori Big LED Display Air Fryer

LED touch screen with 11 build features. Cool button display let you set preheat, turn it on and off, cooking time set, and temperature set option. Additionally, start or pause cooking and keep warm. When turning it on, a blue light indicator active. The cosori air fryer app help you to easy to use remotely. But its manual quick touch feature also good to control.

Cosori Air Fryer App

VeSync Cosori Air Fryer App logo
google play store
apple app store logo

A quick guide for connecting air fryer sync with apps. For downloading cosori app (available Android and IOS), scan the QR code on the start guide and phone auto search the apps in Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store. Follow the instruction screen and connect with the cosori smart air fryer feature. The machine always connect to the app as soon as you plugged in.

Cosori Air Fryer App

In setup process, the app ask if you want to connect device to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You are able to connect to Alexa with just a few steps. You can navigate to Device Setting > Name in the VeSync app, and change the default name of the air fryer (“Smart Air Fryer”) like simple name for easy recognize.

Cosori Air Fryer App process

Cosori Air Fryer Basket

The 5.8 qt size air fryer basket is quite big and you can cook up to 8 members at a time. It can easily fit 15.5 ounce of chickpeas in a single layer. The Cosori claim that, you can cook a whole 5 pound chicken at a time.

Cosori Air Fryer Basket

The basket material aluminum made with nonstick coating. Free BPA and PFOA. The inner wall where hold the food, has vents for better air circulation. A out layer under the basket to collect the rest of oil and other facts. A release button on the top of the basket handle let you separate the basket and try part. A sliding button guard ensue you won’t do any accident. For nonstick coating, the basket easy to clean and they are dishwasher safe.

Cosori Air Fryer Build-in Functions

Cosori Air Fryer Build-in Functions

Cosori air fryer max xl present 11 build in functions. Keep warm and preheat help to cook veggies, desserts, meat and more perfection food. Press only 1 easy tap to cook your food. You can also manually set temp and timer for your food recipe require.

Cleaning Cosori Air Fryer

Cleaning Cosori Air Fryer

Cleaning Cosori air fryer is straightforward. The removable parts are dishwasher safe. Items are quite large, so it bit hard for me to fit into my dishwasher. It was easy to wash them by hand.

Is Cosori a Good Air Fryer?

good or bad

Cosori air fryer is excellent at frying food. It can cook delicious crispy wedges from scratch and cooked. A perfect teats and color. It has a “shake” feature, which sounds a loud deep five time and shake your food. It is useful for French fried cooking. But if you don’t shake immediately the sound may annoying you.

I made air fried chicken wings buffalo cauliflower bites and potato at home. The result was delicious and perfect taste. I have no doubts Cosori Air Fryer able to fry and build-in cooking features for beginner cooker.

Should You Buy The Cosori Ai Fryer?

If you looking for large size air fryer for big family and easy to use, then the Cosori Air Fryer is one of the best option for you. It is perfect for mid-size family. For beginner user they provide a 100 included recipes book and user manual.

Are you looking best family size air fryer under 100?

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