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Hello! Air fryer lover. Air fryer is modern technology which can cook healthy food. As it is a new technology, people ask many question about air fryer. Air fryer heating issue on the big problem for many cooker. Today we try to find the answer of cooks essentials air fryer overheating issue reason and solution. Proper heating help to make best food teats. Overheating fried food is a bad teats! So, lets fin the solution.

Air fryer user growing day by day. Social media and google search are highly kitchen appliance in kitchen tools. Just look at US air fryer market size and its growing information.

us air fryer market size (Production) 2015 - 2025 (USD Million) (1)

So, it is clear that the air fryer market rapidly growing. After purchase air fryer people face different problems with their air fryer. Air fryer heating issue also a problem among them.

Does an air fryer overheating?

The answer is yes. Sometime air fryer overheating. Before find the solution we need to know how air fryer work. Air fryer work by circulating hot air around the basket or room. The hot temperature raise the food heat leave and it start cooking.

Generally an air fryer up to 400 Degree Fahrenheit. And this heat level will be problem if not circulating properly. Remember that air fryer don’t provide hot as oven provide. And none of the air fryer in Amazon or other market place over 400 degree Fahrenheit.

One of the famous air fryer brand Cosori or Ninja have excellent review and in price consideration both are good price point. Both air fryer manufacture are best for one who want an air fryer best budget price.

Air fryer has a thermostat control the temperature for cooking. So the problem not comes from air fryer. It is reason for ingredients that you put there or doing something upset the normal working.

What happened if air fryer overheating?

If the air fryer get overheating, it will start to smoke. Sometime will be burn or fire. So, it is dangers for us. You always try to maintain low range hot temperature food cook. As a result the air fryer durability will increases.

smoket from appliances

Sometime air fryer don’t show overheating temperature rate. What should I do in this case? You can understand this problem, when it over cook as you set. So, when you see this problem, you should take proper maintenance.

What should you do when air fryer overheats?

If you think that your air fryer getting over heating, immediately turn off the machine and unplug the power connection. And don’t move the air fryer, take time to get cool and contact technician. For avoid air fryer overheating issue, follow the instruction:

short circuit

First, wash any electric component in the water. It may causes short circuits. And machine may be burnt.

excess oil use in air fryer

Second, don’t fill the machine with over oil use. Use a minimal or required amount of oil. If you use excess oil, it may spread the oil inside the air fryer.

Excess food cooking in air fryer

Finally, don’t provide extra food for cooking. Cooking food as air fryer can cook.

air fryer clean

Keep clean your air fryer always. Sometime we use air fryer, but not cleaning properly. As a result it causes some problem, Overheating one of them.

Air fryer overheating problem reason.

The main reason air fryer overheating is using excess oil. Excess use oil get air fryer cooking compartment reach its smoke point. When excess use oil you see a white smoke come out of your air fryer.

Another reason air fryer overheat overfilling the ingredients. Ever air fryer has their own capacity. Excess cooking may cause overheating issue. Most of the air fryer maximum temperature limit is 400 degree Fahrenheit.

When excess oil or food can increases the temperature control level. As a result the air fryer set off the smoke alarm. But most of the people like fryer is that air fryer doesn’t stink up my whole house as traditional deep fry does.

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