Best Philips Premium Quality Extra Large Air fryer

Model Name: Philips
Capacity: 3 Pounds
Color: Black
Item Weight: 19 Pounds

Details About Philips Air Fryer

  • New and unique twin TurboStar technology is designed to remove and capture excess fat from the food
  • Axle capacity easily handles a whole chicken, 2 bags of frozen fries, allowing you to prepare up to 6 portions worth of food for a whole world of possibilities
  • With no preheat needed you can save time and start cooking right away
  • Includes a Quick Clean basket with removable non-stick mesh so cleaning is fast and easy
  • The removable nonstick Coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe

Product Description

Style:Analog  |  Pattern Name:Airfryer
Air is the new oil and now with the Philips XXL Airfryer you can make delicious fried food with up to 90% less fat! When it comes to frying food at home, we all love the crispy flavor – but not the extra fat. Philips Airfryer XXL uses powerful hot air to fry your favorite food with a tablespoon or less of oil.
Not only can this new model fry food with less oil, but it can also remove and capture excess fat thanks to its new and unique twin TurboStar technology. The result is delicious and healthier fried food that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Compared to fresh fries prepared in a conventional deep fryer.
Best Philips Premium Quality Extra Large Air fryer
Best Philips Premium Quality Extra Large Air fryer
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