Best professional chef knife set with bag – Ten Recommendations

If you ask any chef that what stranded on a desert island and could bring one kitchen tools. they would may pick a chef’s knife. But if you ask that how to carry professional chef’s knife then they suggest you to take a bag. There have many type of to carry it. But what is the best for you? I this article we will discuss the best professional chef knife set with bag.

After researching popular models and consulting the chef’s that what knife set with bag is best for him. They suggest some list of bag and with knife. It is also good for carry and cooking. It also comforts of handle and grip and the overall experiencing using and cooking. We also consider their weight and easy to use. While heavier knives hard to carry and use. So we take note of how each handle felt and the weight of the knife.

Below we listed up the top knives and bag are universally appealing for everyone’s need who want to carry their favorite chef’s knife.

Since there are different types of chef knife bags which are available in the market, but it is important for you to find one of the best as you need.

1. Chef Knife Case Backpack Set with Roll Bag

Chef Knife Case Backpack Set with Roll Bag has been crafted. Keeping the user in mind.
Organized case for carrying knife
Lightweight and travel case
Knife tools bag for expert design
Best for professional and student bag

Chef Knife Case Backpack Set with Roll Bag has been crafted for the user in mind. This premium chef knife bag is the perfect option for the chef and student who want to carry their personal collection of knives with other accessories. This bag backpack Set with Roll Bag. This minimal bag has 40+ pockets for Knives and culinary tools. And have a great Knife Bag for professional chefs & students. It has large Pockets for Tablets and other personal things. It is best to carry just about any type of knife. The synthetic leather makes it a premium look.

This chef bag is large enough to hold up to a set of 30+ professional chef tools. A spacious, heavy-duty bag that also lightweight and easy to carry on the body. It also included a rolling bag with 7 plus slots and pockets for extra space. It has an extra padded portion for more expensive knives. Its’s storage capacity and style are premium quality. An expert crafted exterior that’s sleek and head-turning. Its carefully interior is well thought out.

  • Crafted with premium quality materials
  • Premium design
  • PositiveMulti storage systemPositive
  • Expensive
  • Student style

2. Chef Knife Roll Bag Carrying Case Holds 10 Knives

Product features:
Ease of access
Travel friendly design
Quick and easy to store tools
Grate durability
Knife can safe and secure

The chef knife roll bag carrying bag has been crafted keeping the professional chef in mind. This premium chef knife bag is the perfect for the chef and student also. This bag is for chefs holds 10 kitchen knives and accessories, (like: paring, carving, ceramic, scissors, and other chef utensils or tools.) This knife roll bag has easy to carry handle and a shoulder strap. So it allows to carry your knife with ease and safety when you are going to work, school, catering, cooking demonstrations, camping or barbequing.

This chef knife bag has a large enough to hold up to 10 knives with 1 meat cleaver. It has also space for honing steel, Knife sharpeners, Scissors and Other kitchen utensils or culinary tools. It has up to 18” holds knives. And it has a durable zipper for accessories. Portable handle and leather for durable use.

  • Premium quality materials
  • Look ergonomic design
  • Large space of capacity
  • Not waterproof
  • Large knives can’t fit longer

3. Chef’s Knife Roll Bag (14 slots)

Product features:
– Hold wide room of knives
Easy to carry outside
Durable to use longer
Easy to identify knife roll
Safe and secure

The chef’s knife roll bag has handcrafted with high quality waxed and leather. It is a premium quality look and easy to carry. The knife bag features 14 slots and holds 10 knives plus meat cleaver. It up to 18” knives plus a large pouch for meat cleaver, scissors or a large tools for tasting spoons or utensils.

Bag has both a handle and shoulder strap (removable) advantage. It is a 600 Denier Canvas woven, sturdy polyester to give you a knife roll you can rely on. A name card slot for name tag for business cards and you can easily identify knife roll from other chefs’. It has an extra portion for knives, a strong metal zippers and adjustable straps to secure theme tightly.

  • High quality materials and constriction
  • Adjustable buckles for fit it
  • Zipper pocket for other accessories
  • Can only fit up to 18” knives

4. Becken Chef Knife Roll Bag

Product features:
Rustic and durable
Safe and secure carry knives
Travel friendly design
Has a grate storage pocket

The Chef knife roll bag is another premium quality bag that has been manufactured by Becken Leather Co. One of the leaders in designing unique and high-quality bags for professional chef. It give a premium feel to use. It army green color looks grate.

This is a well-made, grate designed and beautiful bag. Well worth the price. Its buckles are nice to secure the knives tightly. So it safe to carry specially in the bag while traveling long. There have a zippered pocket which can extra room feature to storeyour necessary accessories and it is high quality. It also has shoulder strap feature and you can remove it as you need.

  • High-end design look and use
  • Durable and tough fabric offers better portion
  • Breathable and water-resistant fabric
  • Easy to fit
  • Fit only 10 knives
  • Can’t fit knives longer than 17”

5. Rustic Leather Knife Roll Bag

Product features:
Vintage style knife roll
Outlook improves with age and usage
Best for all chefs
Durable with grate finely stitched
Make a unique gift and unforgettable

The Hide and drink, rustic leather knife roll case is also well known brand for premium chef knife bags. This knife roll bag is hand crafted with the finest full grain leather. It will give you safe and secure for valuable knives. It has 5 pockets and a side pouch to store most coveted chef knives. You can carry necessary knives and tools for cooking appliances.

5 pockets in size for your array of kitchen knives and a side pouch for files and notebook. A leather cord help you to roll up and gives your knives a safe, secure and durable lasting. Attractive and rustic knife roll grows old in style and attaining a unique patina with age and usage.

  • Premium quality leather
  • A modern rustic look
  • Low maintenance
  • Carrying handle
  • Designed to fit only 5 knives
  • No additional room for accessories
  • Does not have a zipped feature

6. Dalstrong Nomad Knife Roll – Heavy Duty Canvas & Top Grain Leather Roll Bag

Product features:
Ultra premium materials use
True spacious knife roll
Travel comfortable
Handcrafted with extra-thick stitching

The Dalstrong nomad knife roll is a heavy duty canvas and top gradient leather bag. Its build quality is very hight which incress the price and use ultra-premium materials. And the leather is durable because it use Brazilian leather which is more durable. It has 10 knife hold that securely hold all of your prized Dalstrong knives. One quick access zip at rear pocket for note pad and other utility tools. There is a business card pocket and one interior zip closer pocket.

It is travel comfortable with fully adjustable and extra-strength cotton webbing strap. You can easily move here and there like: walk, bike or snowboard. A super soft top quality Brazilian leather make it hard for you to let go of your knife roll when you reach your destination.

  • High quality materials use
  • Travel comfortable
  • Expensive
  • Classic design

7. Chef Knife Waxed Canvas Genuine Leather Roll professional roll Bag

Product features:
Extrem durable waxed canvas
Organized store space
Lightweight and travel friendly
Grate design
Perfect for professional and students

The chef knife waxed canvas genuine leather roll bag is another extreme durable waxed canvas. This probably heave-duty yet lightweight chef knife roll bag. It is made with premium waxed canvas to withstand years of daily use. It is grate durability and quality assurance.

It has 15 up slot to fit standard set of culinary knives, tools, utensils, cleaver, honing rod & more. It fits up to 16” knives length. And 2 zippered pockets for small kitchenware and other accessories. It is perfect for professional chef and student for carry their kitchen appliances.

  • Huge space and carry many appliances
  • Light weight
  • Premium look
  • Adjustable option
  • Waterproof
  • Expensive
  • More than 16” knife carry

8. Hide & Drink, Durable Leather Knife Roll for professional chef

Product features:
Vintage style knife roll bag view
Improves with age and usage
Best for all chefs
Portable and durable with finely stitched seams
Looking unique
Vintage style with modern option and look

The Hide & Drink, Durable Leather Knife Roll bag is well known brand for premium chef knife bags. The main advantage of hide and drink chef knife bag is that focus on the functional side of the chef knife bag. They try to giving a high-quality chef knife bag that deliver both functions and appearance.

The Hide and drink have offer a well-made knife bag that include the protection for your knives. It is easily make the one of the best style options that available in the market today. The rustic style of this chef bag makes it the ideal choice for both professional and students.

  • Premium quality leather
  • Features a modern look
  • Carrying handle and sturdy strap
  • Fit only 8 knives
  • No room for additional accessories
  • Does not have any zipped option

9. Ultimate Edge Professional Chef Knife Bag

Product features:
Secure the knife
Massive room option
Chef essentials feature
Carry knife comfortable way

The Ultimate edge deluxe chef knife case will be the best option for you. If you want to carry massive kitchen appliance, it will give you this option. It has 18 double stitched reinforced elasticized interior pockets. Full interior mesh accessory compartments. And hold many kitchen tools. So you will feel free to which tools you can’t carry.

It has five exterior zippered pockets which you can hold a business card and a pen/pencil. You can carry your knife with fully computable. It has also shoulder strap option. And also padded shoulder strap.

  • Huge option for carry appliances
  • Grate quality
  • Shoulder strap option
  • Expensive
  • Much weight with full appliances

10. Chef Knife Bag Vintage Backpack 30+ Pockets

Product features:
Durable and high quality design
Organized knife case
Lightweight and easy to carry
Good design and fit for professional and others

The chef knife bag vintage backpack is a nice looking and well-design bag. It has thirty plus pockets where you can keep knife and other kitchen appliances. It is made using high-quality, water-resistant Denier Nylon cloth and has great durability. There have a hidden pocket in back, where you can keep a tablet, notebook or recipe book.

20 plus knives and other culinary tools can carry. It hold up to 16” knives. A slot for honing rod and cleaver and mesh pouches for additional chef equipment. The good news is that there have a adjustable shoulder straps for carry comfort. It is less than 3 pounds. So easily you can travel with it anywhere. It brings style & high fashion into the kitchen. It has zippered pouches for personal accessories. It is designed for professional chef carrying tools bag. Large room can easily fit kitchenware, spices, spoons, ladles and more.

  • Good quality and design
  • Travel comfortable
  • Shoulder straps
  • 20+ Knives carry
  • Extra accessories pocket
  • Can’t hold more than 16” knives
  • Not extreme durable

One bonus bag out of the list.

11. Chef Knife Bag Retro Backpack 20+ Slots for Knives and Chef Tools

Product features:
Waxed canvas and retro backpack
Organized carrying case
Light weight and can travel
Expert design chef-inspired
Professional and student users

This is chef knife bag retro backpack is a portable and lightweight chef knife bag. It is made with high quality, water-resistant Denier Nylon and reinforced double-stitching construction ensures maximum durability. There also a hidden back pocket for store other accessories. It can hold up to 20 knives and other culinary tools. It can up to 16” knives hold.

It is easy to carry because it is less than 3 pounds. So it is a lightweight bag and you can travel with it anywhere. Bag looks high fashion into the kitchen. It has also a slots for pens and zippered room for your personal accessories. It’s large room easily fit kitchenware, spices, spoons, ladles and more. It is perfect for professional and student chef bag.

  • Light weight
  • Travel comfort
  • Well Design
  • Huge pockets
  • Other accessories fit
  • Well made
  • Not for extreme use
  • Much weight when carry many tools
  • Not fit up to 16”knives

Why professional knives bag need?

It is strange for people for carry a knife bag. But at high-end restaurant each chef has their own knives bag for better cooking experience. And this knives are sharpened and clean by theme self. They don’t like to permission anyone to using their knives.

Another reason for which chef carry a knife bag. If you comfort with your own large knives than small knives will be big problem. A professional knife bag has a big advantage in this situation.

On other hand other knives that is not sharpened not result in the same way. So professional chef suggests to have a knife bag. For any professional chef, without knife bag would be unacceptable.

Knives are made of different types of materials. Some chef swear by carbon steel and nothing else, other chefs prefer knife blades which are made a durable alloy. A professional chef have their own set of knives. And it is good for a chef.

Important of a professional chef knife bag

Whether your professional chef or an aspiring culinary school student, a professional knife is essential for your profession.
For a professional cooker, knife is very important for their profession. Carry knife is very risk and unprofessional. Even in home cooking a chef bag keep your knives safe and secure.

Some time professional chef and student carry some accessories (like: notebook, recipe book, pen or laptop). A professional chef bag has a grate advantage. You can carry necessary cooking accessories.

A knife bag is a comfortable way for the chef to carry their knives and other things. A professional knives bag store your knives in organized way and keep secure for other people and also you. You can easily find your knife and increases your cooking skill. A knife bag can be one of the smartest investments you make as a chef. Knives bag generally made from textile fabric or nylon. Some of this bag have multiple flaps which designed to store specific knives.

A knife bag is made with a reinforced handle which makes it easy to carry the bag. This handle has been designed to give you a comfortable grip, so that you can carry it without any pain. Many knives bag have shoulder straps that make the bag more ease to carry.


Often professional chefs travel themselves to different cities to show their cooking skills. That means they need a affordable and travelable bag to carry their cooking accessories tools. A special knife bag can help you to solve this problem. A professional chef bag or cse is essential for the travelling chef or culinary school student. If you have been troble to finding right chef knife bag which fit for you, then list the feature which you need mainly. It will help you to choose the right chef bag.

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