How to Solve Air Fryer Rusting Problem?

Hi! Air fryer lover. Welcome back with a new air fryer problem and solve. Air fryer rusting is a common issue face many people. In this article we try to find out the air fryer rusting problem and it’s solve. Hope you this article will be helpful.

Note: Before discuss, we want to disclaimer that we are not a scientist or expert in rust. We try to find out the solve on the basis experience. If you expert in rust, we will happy to consider your comment in below.

Why Air Fryer Is Getting Rust?

Most of the air fryer outside wall made with plastic, and inside made with metal. Generally metal doesn’t like water, so it getting rust very soon. That air fryer manufacture coated on it protect from water.

air fryer basket rust

Air fryer getting rust depend on the materials used. Low quality material getting rust quickly. My first Chinese Brand Air fryer rusted very quickly, the material used probably wasn’t good. Then my second Philips air fryer using for long time and face very little rust issue.

How Do You Prevent Out Air Fryer Rusting?

Keep Dry

Mainly your air fryer first time contact into water during washing time. Therefore, dry the air fryer quickly and clean with a fresh cloth. Quickly minimize it’s water and let it dry for some moment. If you live in hot sunny area, you can dry the accessories in sun. I have try it for many time, and have little rush with my air fryer accessories.

air fryer dry

And you live in cold area, you should wash air fryer and components quickly and clean with dry clean cloth. Let dry in the air fryer for couple of minutes at high temp setting. Air fryer basket and components won’t damage or rush for this water.

Proper Care Your Air Fryer

The other way of stop rusting, taking care your air fryer. Most of the air fryer basket and component metal cover with a coating layer. This surface of coating save your machine from rusting. Basically this is a non-stick coating. So, you should carefully clean the air fryer. You should not use any metal cleaner and clean carefully without scrubbing.


If you taking proper care your air fryer surface, you won’t face any air fryer issue for long time. The only exception for this when you bought a cheap air fryer. Because cheap air fryer used low quality material and it will rush very quickly. I recommended that do a deep research before buy an air fryer. You should confirm that you are buying a best quality air fryer.

Cheap air fryer should avoid. Because it will worth for you and won’t in the long time. Though good quality air fryer expensive but it will do better service in the long time. Which happen with me. My previous Chinese air fryer won’t run in the long time. On the other hand second Philips air fryer run very well.

Season with Oil Air Fryer before Cooking

air fryer oil

The other way you can do before cooking make sure your air fryer season with oil. I It will help you air fryer food stick with wall and you can easily clean it. You don’t need a deep scrubbing with it.

What Should You Do When Find Air Fry Rusting?

When your air fryer is rusting, you should not repair it or paint on it and it will contaminates your food. So, personally I don’t suggest you to repair the air fryer or paint on it. So, what should you do?

If your air fryer rusting contact with your cooking food, then it will bad for you. Otherwise if you rusting part don’t contact with your cooking food, then it is good news for you. If you air fryer touch with rusting parts, then you should fixing this problem as soon as possible.

If your air fryer rusting part don’t contact with food, and still it cooking without any problem. Then be aware the hot air circulation don’t damage part or lift the rush part on you food. Make sure your rush patches don’t have any loose flaking on them.

Rusting air fryer start a small sport. If your air fryer have a large rush area, this not good for you. Quickly fix it or replace the part.

towel paper

You can follow a simple solution for rush area. It will allow you to continue using air fryer without hamper your food. It is not a permeant solution, you can try it with your air fryer. Use a towel paper to cover rush area with oil.  If you regularly season your air fryer with oil, make sure rush area cover in the same way.

Contact the Manufacture


If your air fryer have under warranty period, you can replace or repair it from the manufacture without any cost. Even you your warranty period is out, still you should contact the manufacture first and they provide a better solution for your rusting air fryer. Even you can solve it simply replace your air fryer basket at cost price.

You can buy and replace your air fryer basket from Amazon. This may cheap in cost than buying a new air fryer. Choose the best air fryer basket that are available in the market and which fit on your air fryer.

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  1. I have an Oster air fryer and love the way it cooks..If you plan to buy an air fryer you may want to pass on this Oster air fryer. We had bought this Oster countertop oven from Home Hardware. Loved it and being able to cook and air fry a variety of foods. However within the 2 years of owning this air fryer had started rusting under the tray at the bottom. I feel like I’ve thrown my money away and very reluctant to continue using it due to the rust damage tot he inside.

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